Book -Casting Shadows


Casting Shadows is a new, 150 page art book retrospective that covers much of my work over the past several years. It is a full color book published by Norfolk Press and has well over 100 paintings and a few short essays. Much of the work is from the last 4-5 years and it includes oils, watercolors and drawings of cityscapes, landscapes, interiors and figure work. It is $40.00 (free shipping). Email me at for specific ordering information.

Modern painting master Raimonds Staprans had this to say to about my recent work:

In his painting, Jeff Bellerose successfully bridges the gap between photo realism and traditional realism as we know it. He outlines his objects with the precision of the former, yet closely observed, his surfaces reveal barely discernible brush strokes or semi-opaque washes usually missing in the canvasses of a true photo realist


In contrast to the main body of his work, Bellerose's seascapes in oil show the pleasant lightness and illusory transparency of a watercolor. However, he is most successful at depicting man-made objects - bridges, buildings, interiors, all bathed in warm afternoon or evening light.  The cast shadows of his objects are willfully transformed into abstract designs, thus paying tribute to both traditional and non-objective art at the same time.


Be it cityscapes or interiors, an overall feeling of nostalgia pervades his canvasses presenting to the viewer a world at peace with itself.


Raimonds Staprans

Artist and playwright