A Discrete Life

by Jeff Bellerose


A Discrete Life is about the difficulties of finding a unique, creative life in the age of modernity. Olin Fisher graduates from college and sets out to make his way in a world that seems alien to the things he has learned. What begins as his attempt to assimilate into the fabric of society becomes a journey for meaning and self understanding; a journey that travels simultaneously the idea of history, of America, and of the self; that crosses the terrain of the land and the state of a younger generation coming to terms with a world arranged outside of their control. Trapped and confused by the constraints of the world, Olin turns his travels into a frantic quest for originality, shedding layers to see if he can discover some root of existence and meaning. A struggle against all that resists the individual, the story becomes an observational journey that explores the conflicts of our age and the binds of the modern world.


This is a 257 page book that I wrote over a number of years.  It is not published (though if I ever get my lazy act together, I'd like to try and do that) but if you are interested in reading a copy of it, email me at and I can mail you a handmade copy of the book for $25 (to cover the shipping and a bit of the making costs).